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01. Meal Plan- C# Advanced Retake Exam - 13 April 2022

Дава ми 55/100

Задача:                                                              Моерешение:  https://pastebin.com/cxzq7SXg

Meal Plan

The summer is around the corner and John wants to lose some weight. To do that he should lower his calories intake, by keeping a count of the total amount of calories intake for a day.

Create a program that helps John to calculate his calories intake, by predefined meals.

You will be given two lines of input. The first line will be an array of strings, separated by a single space, representing meals that John can eat. The second line will be an array of integers, separated by a single space, representing the maximum calories intake per day.

Here is a table with the exact meals and their calories:











Start calculating calories as follows: take the first meal’s calories and the last element in the sequence of calorie intake for a day. Each time John eats a meal, the calories intake for the current day should be decreased by the calories of the given meal, and the current meal should be removed from the collection. When the calories intake for the given day goes to zero, remove them from the collection, and continue to the next day. If the calories for the given day go below zero, take as many calories as possible from the meal, so the current daily calories intake reaches zero. The rest of the meal’s calories should be subtracted from the next day in the calorie intake sequence.

For more clarification, check the provided examples.

The program stops when there are no more meals to be eaten, or there are no more daily calories to be calculated.


  • On the first line, a sequence of strings will be given representing meals, separated by a single space (" ").
  • On the second line, a sequence of integers will be given, representing the daily calories intake, separated by a single space (" ").


  • As a result, you should print two lines for output:
    • If John menage to eat all the given meals print:

"John had {number of meals} meals."

"For the next few days, he can eat {dailyCalories1, dailyCalories2, etc.} calories."

Separate the daily calories intake by comma and space (", ").

  • If John could not eat every meal:

"John ate enough, he had {number of meals} meals."

"Meals left: {meal1, meal2, etc.}."

Separate the meals by comma and space (", ").


  • The daily calories will be in the range [1200…4000].
  • No recursion is needed for solving this problem.
  • The input will be always valid.
  • There will be no case where daily calories and meals go to zero simultaneously.




salad soup salad steak

2500 1800 1500

John had 4 meals.

For the next few days, he can eat 1320, 2500 calories.


We start by taking a salad (350 cal.) and a day with 1500 cal. We subtract the daily calories intake by the salad's calories:

1500 - 350 = 1150 cal.

The salad is removed from the sequence, and John can consume 1150 cal. more for the current day.

Next, we have soup (490 cal.), we subtract the daily calories intake by the soup's calories:

1150 - 490 = 660 cal.

The soup is removed from the sequence, and John can consume 660 cal. more for the current day.

Next, we have a salad (350 cal.), the same operation is performed:

660 - 350 = 310 cal.

The salad is removed from the sequence, and John can consume 310 cal. more for the current day.

Next, we have steak (790 cal.), and 310 cal. that can be consumed for the current day:

310 - 790 = -480 cal.

We take 310 cal. form the steak's total of 790 cal. and remove the current daily calory intake. Next, we check do we have another day in the collection, in this case, we do, which is 1800 cal.:

1800 - 480 = 1320 cal.

The steak is removed from the sequence, and John can consume 1320 cal. more for the current day.

There are no more meals in the collection, so we stop the program and print the corresponding messages.




pasta soup salad steak pasta steak pasta

1800 1500

John ate enough, he had 6 meals.

Meals left: pasta.


Module: C# Advanced
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Моето решение, малко е хамалско мисля но дава 100/100. 




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Ето и едно малко по-различно решение, което също дава 100/100.



15/02/2023 12:59:44
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Creating a program that generates a meal plan can be a complex task, requiring a solid understanding of data io games structures, algorithms, and user interface design but you have done it. It shows that you have put in a lot of effort and hard work to create a useful and functional program.

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