Best Embroidery Machine Buying Tips

Best Embroidery Machine Buying Tips


Are you looking for a computerized embroidery machine or an entry-level option with very few automated features? You need to read the following buying tips and ideas below. The only way to personalize your search for your ideal machine is to compare as many products as possible and then read expert guides. Choosing the best embroidery machine is more than considering only the features, prices, and size, you need to go deeper in your research to see if a machine is truly your match. 


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How to Find The Best Embroidery Machine? Top Buying Tips to Follow



1 - Embroidery Field and Hoop Sizes


Embroidery field and hoop sizes must not be left out when comparing different embroidery machines. Some machines are limited and can embroider areas around 4 inches square. If you want to embroider larger areas, you should go for machines with a 5 x 7” hoop size or higher. The larger the embroidery field, the more creative freedom you will enjoy. You should also consider embroidery machines that come with multiple hoops or those that allow you to purchase different hoop sizes separately. Multiple hooping options will help you save money in the long run. 

2 - Connectivity and Design Options


It is common to see embroidery machines having dozens of in-built designs these days and this is a good thing if you want to vary your embroidery designs and creativity. Some machines may come with boring designs but what is more important is going for a computerized machine that allows you to download or purchase more designs online, especially if your machine has a limited design library. 


Design transfer options or connectivity is also a critical factor for consideration. Most embroidery machines wouldn’t let you transfer designs from external sources without computer connectivity. The most basic transfer option for design is the USB port while top advanced embroidery machines allow Bluetooth connectivity and Wireless LAN to transfer designs from external sources easily. Older machines still rely on circular discs to copy and transfer designs. The best option is the one that combines two or more connectivity options. 


3 - Costs and Value Offered


The cost of an embroidery machine is usually the most important factor most users consider when choosing a product. Instead of putting the cost ahead of quality, you should rather focus on value. Since embroidery machines tend to cost more than regular sewing machines, you should pay more attention to the quality and value you will get. To get the most value for the cost, choose a top-rated embroidery machine that you will grow with and one that comes with extras to save you the costs of buying such separately. 


Since entry-level embroidery machines may not satisfy your needs for long, you may need more than a basic embroidery machine to keep up with your work requirements. It means you may have to save a little extra to afford that machine with all the desirable features and accessories to complete your crafts.


4 - Display


You will discover that the top embroidery machines come with LCD or LED displays to check your designs and edit them before you complete your embroidery work. The basic machines come with a tiny display with a very small window that offers a basic view of your design. If you want a clearer and larger display of your embroidery designs, you will have to settle for the more recent machines. You don’t have to use a manual design checkup to edit your embroidery design. LED ad LCDs are even more important when handling multi-colored embroidery designs where you need to see them in full colors. Check the difference in display colors between two similar machines and you will understand the importance of choosing the option with the best display.


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5 - Embroidery Only or a Combo Machine



You need to decide whether you need an embroidery machine only or a combo of embroidery and a regular sewing machine. If you already own a regular sewing machine, having an embroidery-only machine will be a much better economic choice. If you are buying a machine for the first time as a professional, then a combination of sewing and embroidery machine can make more sense. Switching between two functions for different tasks on a single machine can also save you more time than switching from a sewing machine to an embroidery machine. One reason you should go for an embroidery-only machine is when you intend to go into a craft business. An embroidery-only machine can offer more value for money for commercial users. 


6 - Other Factors


The size or capacity of an embroidery machine, speed, and accessories included are secondary factors for consideration when buying the best embroidery machine in the market. Speed is a key factor for consideration for those who intend to produce embroidery designs on mass products. As a commercial craft maker, you shouldn’t settle for a machine with a speed of less than 750 SPM (stitches per minute).


When it comes to capacity and machine size, you should consider the space within which you will store and use your machine before making your final choice. A good home embroidery machine should be easy to handle and fit into your embroidery and sewing space. Experts recommend that your embroidery machine should have a dedicated space and should not take up more than half of its space so it can accommodate necessary tools, supplies, and accessories. 


Pay attention to a machine’s versatility, especially in the choices of materials it can handle. The ideal machine should not only embroider on light and thick fabrics, but it should also be capable of embroidering on leather, canvas, and leather among other materials.


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With the guide above, you should be able to know what it takes to find the best embroidery machine for your needs. In addition to this, you will find reviews and guides from experts highly useful when making your final choice. With expert opinions and comparisons, you should be able to personalize your search for the most suitable machine for your needs. provides updated information on all brands of embroidery machines and that makes it easier to search the resources for detailed embroidery machine reviews and descriptions of your preferred products.