There's alot of great abilites in WoW Classic

Don't only read the tooltips of the previous skills while glancing over the fact that you did not encounter it. Knowing you are sick won't cure you. Don't replicate how everybody copies Mute's screen of how evisc didn't scale using stats. There's alot more to rogues. While Vanilla has been relaunched by Blizzard, all these content creators who are echoing how broken rogues were, simply discourage people from needing this reboot to take place. I am sorry for creating two things in the exact same time, but they're not difficult to dissect and differentiate.


Yes, we all eviscerate had nothing but its own base damage. But please stop replicating every single content creator and say something fresh about rogues or some other class. You create vanilla look poor, while it obviously fucking was not WoW Classic Items. This really is gont sting for a while.", and now we are, months afterwards, and it is being termed again. I am not very articulate because of my ideas are all over the place, but after I heard people cite Mute within their"World of Warcraft top 5: scrounching for articles" a few years back, I expected to see it return, and this was a couple of decades back, and to see it had been talked about in precisely the same way (nothing's changed, no progress) with no single piece of reverence or praise for how amazing these Rogue players where, or some self-referentiality in how this is now a meme, just feels like a cold slap in the facearea.


Horde prejudice in the movie. ! Nevertheless a fantastic video, however, reckoning and The paladin freedom is well worth mentioning. You slows with palas together with the blessiings of freedom, putting that on a warrior left them into a monster and can be immune to cc. The reckoning stacking was nerfed yes but you might still oneshot people all of the time with only 5 piles and a large 2 hander or a charm based build when every struck obtained empowered by seal of the righteus. There's alot of great abilites in WoW Classic and I think these stand out once I play with vanilla in my main on lights hope.Blink, because it did not really teleport you but was more like a very fast long leap forward. Meaning in pvp you could bait melees by leaping off e.g. to the flag room, turning 180 degrees and blink up to the edge you just jumped away from. Additionally: heavenly intervention.


I mean an ability since they couldn't cope with balancing boss struggles with this ability in 22, that Blizzard removed speaks for itself. And of course the bane of every warriors existance:"leaping" as figures would continue leaping forward while being charge stunned with all the warrior still landing in the original place, meaning that 50% of the time that you were outside of hamstring reach when the stun decayed. And continue for a more severe entry: aspect of the gephardt (or is it cheetah in english?), as it let you catch everyone but druids and shamans while nevertheless able to work with all of your skills, with great timing permitted to kite most melees (shooting required them to stand still for its weapons speed length and projectiles were rather slow and only applied their harm on actual impact) and also enabled hunters to kite forever and solo world supervisors (or even"escort" doomlord Kazakh to his stormwind raids)?


Your numbers on PoM/Pyro aren't correct. Together with the maximum spell damage possible at the point (including consumables), you'd still need to have a crit and a couple of indications of Ignite to kill a medium-geared warrior using a single spell. The correct rotation was generally to forecast the charge and time your Frost Nova to suspend them before you have hit, then depending on situation either Polymorph or move into AP/trinkets/consumables -> Fireball -> PoM -> Pyro -> Fireblast, and that would still require a crit on one of the three damage spells to"1HKO" a warrior using high tier equipment, sometimes even requiring several ticks of Ignite Buy Vanilla WoW Gold. Since the principal PvP battleground for grinding rank 14 was Warsong Gulch (and afterwards Arathi Basin) where warriors (and occasionally druids at a pinch) were demanded for flag carrying. No other courses (except in special situations) were values your cooldowns.