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03.Followers Final Exam Retake - 9 August 2019

Здравейте! Ако може някой да помогне със следната задача, стана яко мазало и не успявам да сортирам.

" Решение " - https://pastebin.com/QAw5V1zJ

Judge - https://judge.softuni.bg/Contests/Practice/Index/1767#2

Условие :

Create a program that keeps information about Pesho's followers, likes and comments. Keep a record of the followers, each with the likes and comments Pesho has received from them.

You will be receiving lines with commands until you receive the "Log out" command.  There are four possible commands:

  • "New follower: {username}":
    • Add the username, to your records (with 0 likes and 0 comments). If person with the given username already exists ignore the line.
  • "Like: {username}: {count}":
    • If the username doesn't exist, add it to your records with the given count of likes.
    • If the username exist, increase the count of likes with the given count.
  • "Comment: {username}":
    • If the username doesn't exist, add it to your records with 1 comment.
    • If the username exists, increase the count of commens with 1.
  • "Blocked: {username}":
    • Delete all records of the given username. If it doesn’t exist, print:

 "{Username} doesn't exist."


In the end, you have to print the count of followers, each follower with his/her likes and comments (the sum of likes and comments) sorted in descending order by the likes and then by their username in ascending order in the following format: 

{count} followers

{username}: {likes+comments}

{username}: {likes+comments}



  • You will be receiving lines until you receive the "Log out" command.
  • The input will always be valid.


  • Print the users with their likes in the format described above.




New follower: gosho

Like: gosho: 5

Comment: gosho

New follower: gosho

New follower: tosho

Comment: gosho

Comment: tosho

Comment: pesho

Log out


gosho: 7

pesho: 1

tosho: 1



Like: A: 3

Comment: A

New follower: B

Blocked: A

Comment: B

Like: C: 5

Like: D: 5

Log out


C: 5

D: 5

B: 1

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Judge ми даде 100/100 въпреки, че единия тест от условието на самата задача не вади същия изход. https://pastebin.com/1BSF2Xmu .

30/12/2019 22:03:53
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