What is the Difference Between IoT Platform and IoT Dashboard?

An IoT Dashboard is a graphical user interface (GUI) that displays data from IoT devices in a real-time, centralized location. It allows users to monitor the status of their devices, track key metrics, and identify trends and patterns. Dashboards can also be used to control devices and send alerts.

An IoT platform is a comprehensive set of tools and services that enables users to build, deploy, and manage IoT solutions. It typically includes a dashboard, as well as other features such as device management, data storage and analytics.

The following table compares IoT dashboards and IoT platforms in more detail:


IoT Dashboard

IoT Platform

Primary purpose

Visualize and analyze data from IoT devices

Build, deploy, and manage IoT solutions

Key features

Data visualization, device monitoring, alerts

Device management, data storage and analytics


Relatively simple to implement

More complex to implement and manage


Typically less expensive

Typically more expensive


Source: https://psiborg.in/difference-between-iot-dashboard-and-iot-platform/