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Should people sacrifices their health because of beauty?

Several research studies over the past few years have shown that attractive people are usually recruited sooner, they get the elevation and they also get promotions quickly. The attractive people are earning a mean of about three to four percent higher than the people with the below-average appear, as per the thoughts of Mr. Daniel Hamermesh who is working on the role of professor of economics at the University of Texas. Many assignment help services also thought that people need to sacrifice their health just for the sake of having an attractive and having a handsome personality. Conclusively, it could be said that yes people should need to sacrifice their health just for the sake of their beauty.

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Yes it is true I have also read in different places many people sacrifice their health to look smart as there are many examples we seen in the past celebrities have done this thing mostly according to assignment writing help as many people who wanted to look attractive have gone through plastic surgery or taking injection that will affect their health in the future.

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Certainly not, you can not be beautiful if it takes your health to look glorious and charming. Beauty always comes from inside as we have been listening for ages. A lot of celebrities sacrifice their health for looking beautiful and that's the reason why we see many celebrities died due to deadly disease and illness at below-average death rate age graph. Have you ever think of it? think now you will get your answer. If you want some research writing help you might hire custom essay writing skilled writers who can do all research and write work.